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Step into the darkness as a vampires bar manager!

Your mission is to attract the tastiest human prey to your bars, while keeping your immortal clientele satisfied.

Build your business empire, amass wealth and power, and ultimately overthrow your malevolent master to claim eternal darkness for yourself.

But beware of vampire hunters and the temptation of your own bloodlust – will you stay true to your humanity, or succumb to the seductive call of the night?


Welcome to Blood Bar Tycoon, the management game that puts you in charge of a vampires bar! Your mission: to create the hottest spot in town and attract both humans and vampires alike. Keep the mortals happy with a wide range of drinks and Entertainment, while catering to the unique demands of your undead clientele.

But aware: vampires are fickle creatures, and they won’t wait long for their next fix of the best blood. Keep up with their demand, or risk the wrath of their insataible thirst. And if you’re not carefull, you may accidentally reveal the existence of vampires to the world – and incur the wrath of the hunters. So, do you have what it takes to build your bar into an empire, or will you meet your end at the hands of a wooden stake?

  • Customize your bars to your liking

  • Personalize your avatar and employees

  • Enjoy a LGBTQ and gender-friendly game

  • Manage up to 7 bars in Crimson City

  • Unlock new bloodwork techniques

  • Unlock new vampiric powers

  • Replay previous bars for new achievements

  • Choose between sandbox ans campaign modes

  • Immerse yourself in dark humor as a vampire

  • Escape the rat race and the beat system

  • Experience a gripping story about blood and Freedom

  • And much more to come!