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Become a vampire bars manager!

A bloody humor simulation where you create your bars and decorate them to attract juicy humans! Manage your staff, automate, expand through Crimson City, forge alliances and search for quirky machines, but be vigilant: hunters are lurking!


Welcome to Blood Bar Tycoon, the management game where you step into the role of a vampire bar manager! Your mission: transform a shabby bistro from virtually nothing into the hottest spot in town, attracting both human and vampire customers alike. Design the trendiest human trap in all of Crimson City!

Keep the mortals happy with a wide range of drinks and entertainment, while also catering to the unique demands of your immortal clientele. Hire other vampires to handle the dirty work, enhancing the prestige of your bar and ensuring the happiness of your customers.

But beware: vampires are notoriously fickle creatures, and they won’t wait long for their next fix of the finest blood. Keep up with their demands or risk incurring the wrath of their insatiable thirst. And be careful, as incidents in the bar may draw the attention of hunters, leading to potentially dire consequences.


Revamp your vampire bars and customize tham to enhance its prestige

Hire other vampires to handle the dirty work, manage priorities and automatize their tasks

Build an underground blood factory, improve facilities, quirky machines, staff and systems

Expand your business through Crimson City and manage up to 7 different bars and replay previous bars for new achievements

Unlock new bloodwork techniques & vampiric powers

Forge alliances with powerful and ancient vampires

Choose between sandbox & campaign modes

With the support of Wallimage Gaming, Wallimage Entreprises, the Walloon Region, the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and ST’ART Invest Member of Walga
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